Private detectives

Private investigation for hotels

Private investigators for hotels

Our private detective agency in the Balearic Islands, with headquarters established in Majorca , as well as a special collaboration agreement with private detectives in Tenerife , has made the hotel sector an important part of our client portfolio more than ever.

Although it is common for hotel companies to request labor and business investigation services from private detectives, they also hire them to carry out quality audits under the figure of the mysterious client, since according to Law 05/2014 de Seguridad Privada it establishes that private detectives they are the only ones who can legally carry out private investigations to take photographs and recordings with hidden cameras.

Thus, in this way, a private detective can provide valid and legal evidence that will later be ratified in court.

Private investigators for hotels with great experience

Detectives Garbo has years of experience working in the hotel sector uncovering irregular conduct that has served hotel managers to clear up fraud by customers as well as disloyal employees.

Some of the services most requested by our clients are perimeter security audits, gender leaks, points of sale and collection control, false leaves, work absenteeism, installation of hidden cameras, occupational safety audits and finally the mysterious client.

If you need any of our services, contact Detectives Garbo, we will analyze your case in a personalized way and we will propose the different courses of action without any commitment.


Queries by email are answered within a maximum period of 24 hours by the same means if you do not request otherwise.

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Expose us your case and a private detective will advise you for free and no-obligation advive.

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