Private investigators Majorca


Private Investigators Majorca

Highly qualified private investigators in Majorca

Detectives Garbo, is made up of a team of qualified men and women legally accredited by the Ministry of the Interior to provide private investigators services in Majorca in a professional, discreet, confidential and efficient manner.

Our team has a high capacity for adaptation, observation and they speak different languages, and this allows us to choose the detective profile in Majorca that best suits the investigation service.

At Detectives Garbo, we carry out investigations such as false leaves, work absenteeism, unfair competition, custody and modification of pensions, urban leases, search and location of people, among others.

Our private investigators in Majorca have extensive geogrphical knowledge of the Balearic Islands, which gives them a plus of performance, because it allows them to adapt in advance to any circumstance during the performance of investigation services.

The most demanded services of Private Investigators in Majorca

Our private investigators agency in Majorca provides a wide range of professional private investigation services for both private and business matters.

Below you will find the services that our clients request the most, and this does not mean that they are the only ones that we provide.


Sick leave

One of the main causes of hiring the figure of the private investigators in Majorca are the fake casualties, because this type of fraud supposes great economic losses for the companies.

Of course, this type of fraud by the employee is characterized by the fact that the fakes or exaggerates his situationof temporary disability and at the same time carries out activities that are incompatible with the reason that generated his leave, causing headaches for his employer and generating a bad climate beteween colleagues, who will have to maek a double effort to meet the objectives.

For this reason, our private investigators in Majorca verify that the worker responsibly complies with his return to work and does not spend this time on activities that hinder his recovery, providing all the necessary material through a report, so that the company can formalize his disciplinary dismissal.

If you need a qualified and experienced private detectives in Majorca to advise you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Employee absenteeism

Work absenteeism continues to rise and greatly affects the cost of companies, because it harms not only their productivity but also the work environment.

Thus, face-to-face absenteeism, whish is characterized when the worker, being physically at his job, does not fulfill his obligations and spends time of his day looking at his mobile devices, surfing the internet, making phone calls, participating in networks, etc.

However, our private investigators in Majorca are discreet and bold when it comes to collecting objective evidence, issuing reports that companies can then use when resorting to possible dismissal for objective reasons, reports that are ratified in court by our private detectives.

On the other hand, absenteeism without justification or notice occurs when the worker does not notify the company that he or she is going to be absent from work, as well as the reason for doing so, therfore, without the authorization of the entreperneur.

This type of unjustified absenteeism supposes a lack or abandonment of the job without authorization from the company and can lead to the dismissal of the worker with justification.

If you need to collect evidence to make a decision, let one of our detectives in Majorca suggest the different courses of action that we can take. Contac us and tell us about your case.


At Detectives Garbo we carry out all the necessary actions to demostrate the real economic situation of the ex-partner, spouse or children and request the modification of the previously agreed divorce measures.

In fact, our private investigators in Majorca have experience in these types of issues they are capable of collecting information and providing conclusive evidence of the employment situation, location of properties, assets, undeclared parallel economic activities and economic dependece of the person under investigation.

In the same way, we obtain evidence if you need to prove that the ex-partner neglects the care of the children during their care, leaves them in the care of other people, frequents places not suitable for minors, etc.

If you need to collect evidence to request a modification of pensions, review of visits or custody of minors, contact a detective from our agency in Majorca and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation from the most absolute confidentiality and discretion.


The mere suspicion of infidelity can become a problem with serious consequences for family life and personal health.

Have you noticed any strange behavior in your partner?, Are you worrying about your appearance more than usual lately?, Has he or she taken up a new hobby or recreational activity?, Is he or she more aware of the mobile and move away to check messages when before?

If you have answered any of these questions in the affirmative, you may be facing a case of infidelity.

With the intervention of our private detectives in Majorca, you will be able to discover the reality for your relationship.

So that, we will provide you with videos and photographs obtained in the follow-up of the person under investigation during their daily routine to dispel your doubts and be able to make an informed decision.

In case of discovering infidelity we pay special attention to the frequented places and the activities that they carry out together, in addition to other information that you can request from us.

If you think you may be in this situation and need to prove a possible infidelity, contact our private investigators agency in Majorca and we will assist you with the total discretion and confidentiality that you deserve.

Unfair competition

First, we can define unfair competition as any behavior that is contrary to good faith, that is, to  a set of improper or illegal strategies, practices or activities that harm otrhe competitors, in order to eliminate them from the market.

In these cases, the intervention of the private investigators in Majorca is conclusive to resolve this type of act.

At Detectives Garbo we take care of following a line of investigation and detecting the strategy that a company or a worker is using, either internally or externally to corroborate the crime of unfair competition.

The most common unfair competition practices are selling products or services below market value, diverting customers to the competition, providing false or damaging information for the company.

Our private investigators in Majorca have extensive experience in obtaining photographic, videographic, audio and/or written evidence from the people involved who threaten your company by committing this type of unfair practice.

If you require advice on what our private detectives in Majorca can do for your campany, contact us and we will advise you without obligation and free of charge.

Control of franchisees and trademark counterfeiting

More and more companies turn to our private investigators in Majorca to obtain information that allows them to eradicate the misuse of their trademarks, patentes, intellectual properties or copyrights and avoid a distorted prestige that can generate large economic losses.

Our private detectives in the Balearic Islands are capable of:

  • Detect counterfeit products and brands.
  • Imitations of products and brands.
  • Detect distribution networks and sales outlets for counterfeit products.
  • Use of services or products for which the intellectual property rights have not been paid and any other information of interest to the client.

If you need clear and legal evidence, contact our private investigators agency in Majorca and one of our detectives will advise you.

Mystery Guest

In recent year, hotel companies have turned to our private investigators agency in Majorca to provide mystery guest services.

This is due not only to the fact that they need to control the quality indexes of customer service, but also because they know that the private detective is only authorized professional who can take images and videos with hidden cameras. In addition, our private investigators in Majorca know how to obtain information without raising suspicions, they are good observers and pass themselves off as just another client during their stay in the establishments.

Our detectives in Majorca issue a detailed report of everything they have observed during their visit, together with the photos and videos obtained that will allow you live the experience and see reality objectively and without embellishments.

Lastly, anothes advantage of resorting to the services of our private investigators in Majorca is that if irregularities were observed by a worker during the mysterious customer service, these would be reflected in the images and reflected in the report that the employer.

You can use it to take the corrective measures you deem necessary, since our reports have probative value if they end up in court.

As you can see, using our private investigators in Majorca has many advantages for your company.

If you need to know how we carry out this type of service, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you  with all the professionalism and discretion you deserve.

Urban leasing

Usually, property owners turn to our private investigators agency in Majorca to obtain evidence that their tenants are in breach of lease agreements.

The cases most demanded by our clients are related to contractual breaches of leases.

Simimlarly, they request investigations aimed at verifying improper subletting, rental of rooms without the consent of the owner, illicit activities within the leased property, use of the property for purposes other than that stipulated in te contract, and improper subrogation.

On the other hand, among the services that are most requested from our private investigators in Majorca is the location of delinquent tenants.

If you suspect that your tenant is not complying with the clauses of the contract, contact us and one of our detectives in Majorca will inform you of what we can do to put an end to your problem.

Search and location of individual

The team of private investigators of our agency in Majorca are specialized in the search and location of missing debtors, heirs, witnesses and family members, either of their own free will or due to mental disturbance, as long as there is a legitimate interest on the part of the client.

We collect information about the whereabouts, standard of living, properties, feigned insolvecies, fraudulent bankruptcies, hidden assests or diversions to third parites (assessment) and any other information relevant to the client.

Do yo need a private investigator in Majorca to inform you of the different courses of action that can be taken to obtain information?

Contact our private detectives agency in Majorca and a professional specialized in searching and locating people or debtors will advise you.

Control of the commercial network and unknown losses

One of the specialties of our private investigators in Majorca is the control anf monitoring of the commercial network and distribution of companies for alleged fraud of workers, inside or outside them.

As usual, in all our investigate actions, we develop an entire action system to verify an obtain the necessary evidence to verify non-compliance with schedules, use of company vehicles for personal use, fraud in the accounting of allownaces and expenses in general and the verification of compliance with the arranged visits.

Another specialty of our private detective in Majorca is unknown losses within the company, common among workers who usually have access to sensitive places with monetary resources or inventories.

If you need private investigators in the Balearic Islands, do not hesitate to contact our agency, and one of our private investigator will advise you without obligation.


Do you need a private detective in Majorca?

How are we different from the rest of the private investigators agencies in the Balearic Islands?

Detectives in the Balearic Islands: Private investigators in Majorca

Professionalism and experience guaranteed

  • More than 13 years of experience in the private investigation sector.
  • Team of highly qualified detectives and criminologists to carry out high-level investigations in Majorca.
  • Use of cutting-edge technology.
  • Constant training and updating in technology and legal framework.
  • Polyglot private investigators in Majorca with different profiles.
  • Extensive geographic and demographic knowledge of the island of Majorca.

¿Do you need a private investigator in Majorca?

At all times the private detectives in Majorca informs the client directly and not through third parties, in this way he has first-hand information and can ask for details that only the detective who is conducting the investigation knows.


How do our private investigators work in Majorca?

Our agency, Detectives Garbo, has as a polity that our private detectives in Majorca advise the client in a discreet and personalized way, free for charge and without obligation, following thtiene como política que nuestros detectives privados en Mallorca asesoren al cliente de forma discreta y personalizada, gratuita y sin compromiso under the following protocol:

  • The client exposes his case to us discreetly and cofidentially.
  • We analyze the issue and inform and advise you of the legal advantages and disadvantages and propose different solutions to the problem.
  • We send a fee and non-binding estimate.
  • We sign the contract with the client.
  • We choose the private investigator with the profile that best fits the type of service.
  • We di the research.
  • We issue a report with video and/or sound material.
  • We ratified the report in court.

    At Detectives Garbo we believe in direct and close treatment to the client, because there is nothing better that being listened to directly and undestanding the problem in detail to provide solutions that help put and end to it.

    Do you need our help?

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    What evidence can our private investigators in Majorca obtain?


    Accordin to the current legislation, the private detective is the only qualified professional to carry out investigations on facts at the request or a party, as well as to take images or videos without informing the client. This legal regulation implies that the reports or the private investigator are fully valid in court, and according to repeated ruling of the Supreme Court, they are presumed to be true.

    Playing at being a private detective can have disastrous consequences for the client: invalidity of the images and testimonies in court sanctions and/or economic consequences.

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