Private investigators

Investigations for Individuals or family members

Private detectives for marital issues.

We private detectives provide information about that concern that keeps going around in your head, and about which you would like to have an answer. Many times, that response may not be the desired one, and the worst fears may be confirmed. On other occasions, it is the opposite: the doubts dissipate and the fear of an unwanted situation disappears. To all these clients, the private detective’s report offers a response, whether positive or negative for their wishes or interests, allowing them to face the future with full knowledge and, most importantly, the peace of mind of knowing reality. As we have commented throughout this website, it is difficult to know how much a private detective service can cost , but tell us… How much is your peace of mind worth?

If you need advice, contact Detectives Garbo and we will assist you in a personalized way and at no cost.

Private detectives for family issues.

Perhaps you have never thought about the possibility of hiring a private detective certified and accredited by the Ministry of the Interior, until now. And we say until now, because if you are reading these lines you are probably considering it.

As you know, the activity of private detectives is based on discretion and our clients rarely want to make public that they have hired us, so as not to publicize their personal problems. But we can tell you that many of our clients become “addicted” to the services of the private detective.

Detectives for individuals, a solution to risk situations

Our private investigators in Balearic Islands will help you resolve any particular conflict such as those arising from divorce, pension modification or resolve doubts of infidelity. In addition, they can search for heirs or assets and everything with the utmost discretion and professionalism.


Queries by email are answered within a maximum period of 24 hours by the same means if you do not request otherwise.

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Expose us your case and a private detective will advise you for free and no-obligation advive.

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