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Because for us your case is our highest priority.
As private detectives, we know that each case is unique and requires specific planning. For this reason, our consulting is free of charge and the investigation procedure is personalised, so tat wepotimise the chances of succes. 


The recent collaboration agreement with private investigators in Tenerife, carefully selected and approved by the Ministry of the Interior, and the imminent expansion plans in Spain and the EU are the best guarantee of a job well done.


Detectives Garbo has a team of professional detectives with extensive experience as well as the latest technological means applicable to private investigation.


Knowing the details to the outset optimizes the chances of success. For this reason, our consultacy is free of charge. First we listen, and then we quote.


Our private investigators know that discretion in the service is essential. Operationally and legally, the discretion and invisibility of our service are guaranteed. 


   Knowledge of the environment is essential in any business service, and it is equally so in private investigation.                                                            Wether in our headquarters in Majorca (Balearic Islands) or in our branch in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) our private detectives are residents in their respective provinces and know their environtment to the millimiter. Do not hesitate to contact us: Only a quick and accurate response can solve the damage caused by the doubt.


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   Through our different social networks we communicate with our clients, followers, colleagues, resolve doubts and reflect any news regarding our agency, as well as the world of private investigation in general.

      Company news, legal, referring to the profession and its legislation, humor … Everything fits in a place destined to a more informal relationship with our followers.

      As usual, we will place special emphasis on those news and developments referring to our headquarters in Mallorca and Tenerife (and in general the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands).

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The private detective collaborates with lawyers in the provision of objective evidence to help you in your case. Garbo Detectives can obtain evidence needed by labor, civil, commercial, criminal, and divorce attorneys.


At Detectives Garbo we put all our experience in corporate investigation at your company disposal. Our business services have been designed taking into account the need of the sector, backed by years of experience in field work.


  When doubts or problems in the family or personal sphere go beyond acceptable limits, it is time to consult private detectives.
   Detectives Garbo will offer you the professional service you need, providing information that will allow you to know the reality that is hidden before your eyes and act accordingly.


At Detectives Garbo we are specialists in technological investigations.
The consultancy of electronic and telecommunications engineers combined with the experience of our private detectives in investigations related to counterintelligence and counter-surveillance make us the reference entity in the Balearic Islands.


Our private detectives are fully qualified to carry out surveillance inside and outside the premises without raising suspicions, passing as one more attendee to the event or user of a hotel to act or verify that unwanted incidents do not occur that could damage the image of the client.


When planning security for an event or building, private detectives can provide relevant information for the future of the event or the supervised activity. Private detectives will be your eyes and ears where conventional security cannot reach.


Our extensive experience and proven professionalism were the bases of the agreement between Detectives Garbo and the Abat Oliva CEU University by which we instruct and train future detectives.

Detectives Garbo is a member of the Asociación Profesional de Detectives Privados de España, the main groupin of professionals and agencies at the national level and representative of the entire sector before administrations, courts and  Ministerio del Interior.

Detectives Garbo is first-choice partner of Cambra de Comerç de Mallorca, sufficient guarantee of our business solvency.

Detectives Garbo in press

Detectives Garbo in Última Hora

The press does not always reflect the reality of what happened 100%. Our detective was on duty, although it was not initially made public. And yes, his intervention probably saved a person’s life.

DG in Onda Cero Eivissa-Formentera


First official statements from our agency about its intervention in the pilot plan of the Consell de Eivissa in the detection of illegal parties during the COVID pandemic.

DG in IB3: Covid parties

It had not yet been made public: the Minister’s statements announcing the pilot against illegal parties did not include any reference to Detectives Garbo. The controversy generated only served so that our detectives could operate under the greatest anonymity.

DG in Mallorca Confidencial

As a result of the opening of our office in Plaza Alexandre Jaume, Verónica Rosselló will come to our facilities to learn about the reality of the private detective profession.

Detectives Garbo in Cinc Dies, IB3.

Carles Duran’s program interviews us about the effects of the pandemic on labor fraud.

Detectives Garbo in IB3

IB3 information services interviewed our CEO Juan V. Cruz about the effects of illegal tourist rental on the Balearic economy and coexistence.


Detectives Garbo in la Ser

End of the 2021 season in Eivissa and summary of it by the Consell, whose President Vicent Marí receives the Hora 25 team at his facilities with Aimar Bretos at the helm. Our CEO Juan V. Cruz is invited to the event as a result of our intervention in the Consell pilot against illegal parties.

Detectives Garbo in IB3

Our CEO and private detective Juan V. Cruz is interviewed by IB3 information services about the effects of the pandemic on the activity of private detectives.

DG in Mallorca Zeitung

On this occasion, it is the Mallorca Zeitung newspaper, aimed at the German community on the island, who comes to our facilities to find out about the activity of the private detective.

DG in Diario de Mallorca

Lorenzo Marina,  editor of Diario de Mallorca comes to our office as a guest at the event in which we celebrate the inauguration of our office. And such was his interest that it materialized in the interview that we bring you below.


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     An appointment is required for office care.

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