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Why should you choose us?

  • Private investigation agency  in Mallorca and Balearic Islandsalso operating throughout the Spanish territory.
  • Modern investigation techniques both at a human and technological level.
  • Advice without commitment in the most diligent and personalized way.
  • Legally authorized to operate as private detectives through the perceptive license of the Ministerio de Interior.
  • Wide range of investigation efforts from the private detective sector.
  • Strict protocol of action that optimizes the chances of success.

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International: (34)634547507

 Please be advised this is not 24h Service, so please stand by our reply in case you were not attended at the moment. You can also leave your message on Whatssapp.

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Our Guarantees:

  • Our customers repeat. What better guarantee for a private investigation agency?
  • Our growth From 2013 until today, they have already become the reference detective agency in Mallorca.
  • Our technical and human resources. We innovate in technology and train our detectives with it.

Our clients repeat: large companies and SMEs are common customers and law firms repeatedly recommend their clients. What better guarantee for a private investigation agency?

Our growth Our agency was born in 2013 in a small storage room of a private home and today is the reference agency of detectives in Mallorca.

Our technical and human resources. We innovate in technology and train our detectives with it.

Contacte con nosotros: Garantizamos primera visita gratuita y asesoramiento personalizado.


Why choose an agency in Palma de Mallorca?

Agencia de detectives privados en Palma de Mallorca
Private detective in Palma de Mallorca

          The knowledge of the environment is fundamental in any business service, and also in private invstigation.

        Spanish private detective agencies can operate at a national level but where we do best is in our own community, by experience and knowledge of the environment: in a specific activity such as private investigation a detail in the analysis or a second of doubt in tracing someone can mean the difference between success and failure of the operation.

      Detectives Garbo is a private detective agency born in and around Mallorca: If you need the services of a private detective agency in the Balearic Islands, contact Detectives Garbo.

Modern private investigation techniques

Detectives privados Garbo, Palma de Mallorca
Detectives Garbo, reference agency in Mallorca

     Our staff has extensive experience in the main private detective agencies in the country, as well as the technical knowledge and training necessary to claim that we have the best prepared private detectives in Mallorca. Of course, having the right research technology is an advantage, but that advantage multiplies exponentially when the hands that handle it are experts and fully aware of their capabilities.

       Our private detectives agency assumes this principle and combines the experience of the most experienced detectives with the most modern knowledge of the youngest, thus optimizing the private investigation process.  Nobody is essential, and everyone is listened to: the secret of a good business management is that, get the best of each one and combine it for the best purpose.

Asesoramiento de confianza
Advice without commitment

Advice without commitment

      In Detectives Garbo we are aware that private investigation is an activity different from most services that an average customer can know.

     We are aware that giving a budget without knowing a service will probably be unreliable, and we are also aware of the difficulty that sometimes involves the client going to a private detective, especially in family issues such as infidelity.

      That is why our private detective agency offers a first personal interview completely free and without contract commitment. The client will show us his problem, and we will propose a strategy to try to help him and a budget, in most cases closed. And then, it will be when you will decide whether to hire us or not. And we do not doubt that it will.

Detectives privados habilitados
Enabled private detectives

Enabled private detectives

All the private detectives that participate in the private investigation works developed by Detectives Garbo have the mandatory license from the Ministry of the Interior.

It can not be otherwise given that not only any evidence obtained by unlicensed personnel would not only be unlawful before a court, but would have a boomerang effect: the legal responsibility at present for using unlicensed personnel affects the agency, intruder and client .

Whenever you meet a private detective, ask for the TIP: it is the card issued by the Ministry of the Interior and the words “private detective” must appear clearly. Any alternative, type expert in investigation, judicial expert, commercial investigator, expert in intelligence and many others, are, simply, illegal.

Protocolo de actuación
Action protocol

Action protocol

         In Detectives Garbo we are very clear that each case is unique. While it is true that each issue we investigate responds to generic and constant parameters, it is no less true that behind each issue there is a client and a researcher.

       And the personal circumstances of each one make the  developed investigation unique. For this reason, always, our research begins with a personalized interview with the client, a personalized budget and a prior study of the research to be developed. When the prior knowledge of all the details is sufficient, and both the objective and the strategy are fully determined, it is when the efforts aimed at achieving it begin, thus optimizing the chances of success. This is what we can call the Garbo Protocol.

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