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 Frequently asked questions about private detectives

In this section we compile some of the usual questions that some clients ask our private detectives.

We hope that these can help you solve some unkowns about our profession and how to carry out private investigations.

How much does it cost to hire a private detective?

The average price is between 60,00€ and 70,00€ per hour.

However, the price of private investigator may vary depending on the type of investigation, the duration of the service, the expenses that may be generated, the night shift, if 2 detectives have to to intervene and otrhe aspects that influence the price.

At Detectives Garbo, we have private detectives prices for work, family and business issues.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contat us in to advise you without obligation.

Is it legal to hire the services of private detective?

Yes, hiring our private investigators services is completely legal, as long as you have a legitimate interest in the investigation and it is not a criminal offense.

If you have any dobuts, contact our detective agency in the Balearic Islands and we will advise you with total professionalism and discretion.

Who can hire private investigators?

Actually, any natural or legal person can hire the services of our private detectives, as long as they are legitimate, that is, the have a direct relationship with the object to be investigated.

If you have doubts its legitimacy, contact us without any obligation and we will advise you with total confidentiality.

How can I hire a private investigator?

To hire the services of our private investigators, you must contact us eithe by phone or through our email to expose your case and we can evaluate the issue.

Once your case has been evaluated, we will send you a budget, the form of action that will be carried out and other information that you request.

If it falls within our powers, then we will propose possible courses of action and we will comment ot the therms of the contract.

If you need us to advise you, contact us without any commitment.

What can private detectives investigate?

All our private detectives in Spain can investigate cases related to the business sector, infidelity, family law, child custody, divorce, alimony, compensatory pension, etc.

Also, our private investigators  can carry otu investigations related to labor issues such as false dismissals, unfair competition, control and verification of the commercial network, unknown losses within the company and all type of fraud.

In addition to these cases, our private detectives carry out work location people, sush as defaulters, heirs, relatives whose whereabouts are unknown, etc.

As you will undestand, the range of investigation of our private detectives is very wide and each one with different nuances. If you need any particular services, contact us and we will advise you free of charge, and without obligation.

Is everything I tell the private detective confidential?

How can I know if a private detective is approved and/or accredited?

It is common for private investigators to have their university degree framed in their office, but this does not mean that they are active and therefore have a valid credential.

All our private detectives have their Personal Identification Card (T.I.P.) issued by the Ministry of the Interior, in it you can see the professional’s license number, the date of issue and its expiration date.

We recommend that you always request the T.I.P. from the private detective who will carry out the investigation, you have every right to ask the detective to identify himself as a guarantee of legality.

What can a private investigator do?

Our private investigators can take photographs, videos, install hidden cameras, since they are the only who are authorized by the Private Security Law to be able to obtain the evidence that leads to the objectives set by the commissioned investigation as long as the limits set by the law.

What can not a private investigators do?

The private investigators can not carry out ex officio investigations, they can only carry out partial investigations, that is. They can not investigate crimes such as homicides, robberies with violence, etc.

Can private detectives reports serve as evidence in court?

yes, the reports or our private investigators are considered as expert evidence in the judicial process. In addition, the Supreme Court defines private detectives as privileged witnesses throughtout the judicial process as a means of evidence endowed with exclusivity.

You should also know that when the oral trial arrives, the private detectives will ratify the report at the trial, which will validate it as testimonial evidence, which is usually key to the sentence.

Finally, the new Law of Civil Procedure (Art. 265, Law 1/2000, of January 7) grants a relevant role to the reports issued by private detectives.

How much does the private detective report cost?

As a general rule, the private detective’s report is included in the cost of the service.

Actually, the final report of the private detective is the tangible product of the service performed, where everything that happened during the course of the investigation is reflected in detail.

Today many private detective agencies include it in the budget, as well as all the photograpich, videographic and/or sound material that accompanies it.

In any case, if you have any questions regarding the reports of our private detectives, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you in the best possible way.


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