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Technological services

Technological services

To say that times have changed is obvious. The technological revolution has struck hard each of the plots of our lives , and increasingly the activity of private detectives.

The lack of knowledge of new technologies by a significant part of the population, together with an excess of (false) information from television series and sensationalist news, have caused concern in a large part of the population, who are helplessly aware of how their technological devices can be violated by unscrupulous third parties.

However, our private investigators take advantage of the new technological tools to search for and obtain information and provide it to the client always within the legality.

If what you need is to recover records, existing data messages or intentionally deleted files on your electronic equipment to use as evidence in court, contact our private detectives agency and we will advise you without obligation.

Technological services: hidden cameras

Private investigators, in combination with information technology or telecommunications professionals, are the most qualified professionals to carry out any work in prevention or counter-espionage: for example, the Private Security Law / Ley de Seguridad Privada 05/2014 states that private detectives are the only professionals authorized to install a hidden camera, so we know how it works and how a potential invader would install it. We know the microphones, the technical means, and the joint work of the technological expert who will provide the technical knowledge and the private detective, who will provide the experience and operational knowledge. They will turn your office, office or home into a place free from foreign gazes.

If you require information on under what circumstances, places and under what parameters we can install hidden cameras, perform electronic sweeps, contact our private detectives agency and we will advise you in a personalized way and without any commitment.


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