Private detectives

Private investigation for companies

Detectives for companies

The figure of the private detective is widely known in the business environment: the information provided by the detective is sometimes essential for corporate decision-making

Most business decisions related to the legal environment go through lawyers, with whom the private detective usually maintains a fluid relationship. But not only in litigation can the detective be useful for the company. Prevention is always more convenient than repair, and finding out through mystery shopper techniques, franchisee control and performance control is always a cheaper and more practical option than solving problems that could have been avoided. And when the competition is lurking, even through illegal strategies and techniques, it will be the detectives specialized in counterintelligence and information leaks who will be essential and part of the solution.

If you need professionals with demonstrable experience, qualified and accredited by the Miniarey of the Interior, contact Detectives Garbo.

Private detectives are an effective and profitable tool

At Detectives Garbo we work for large, medium and small companies helping them to resolve and prevent various conflicts within the economic possibilities of each company.

Detectives for companies

They can also help with other aspects of your business, such as marketing. We also carry out investigations of conduct that may violate your rights and industrial or intellectual creations, as well as the violation of agreements, alliances or commitments in which those involved accepted what was stipulated at the time.

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