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Private Investigators in Minorca

Detectives Garbo has a teamo of private investigators in the Balearic Islands.

Our private detectives are professionals with extensive experience in private investigations in Minorca.

Minorca, the middle of the Balearic Islands offers different connotations to its sister islands.

Also endowed with a privileged climate and a hotel offer at the level of the best destinations, tourism is naturally the mail industry of the island.

However, it is a tourism radically opposed to that offered by Ibiza or certain areas of Majorca.

Although there are also nightclubs and places for parties and fun, Minorca offers tourism in communion with nature, paradisiacal beaches, sun, silence and tranquility… the best restaurants and the most incredible sunsets. Places indicated for lovers’ getaways or as refuge for those who, due to debts or legal problems, do not want to be located, are also places indicated for our private detectives. 

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What services do we perform in Minorca?

As we mentioned is the previous paragraph, the islan of Minorca has some different peculiarities. It is the perfect island for lovers looking for a quiet place to go unnoticed, or where a fugitive seeks that anonymity. But Minorca is also an island with a strong livestock industry, and of course the hotel industry. And where there are businesses and companies, there is fraud, scams, unfair competition and the whole set of irregularities linked to the commercial offer.

Minorca is also the island where Sant Joan is celebrated in Ciudadela, and where thousands and thousands of minors flock every yera to enjoy the town’s festivities. And where there are thousands of minors in masse, there are thousands of concerned parents. And many of these parents, in fact, come to Detectives Garbo, worried about incipient problems of substance abuse, bulling or simply exercising their duty of guardianship over minors and wating to know what the reality of their duty of guradianship over minors and wanting to know what the reality of their vacation days is.


Private investigators in Minorca for Individuals

Our private detective services in Menorca can help you clear up any type of doubt and then lead you to make decisions.

Our team of private detectives are capable of obtaining information objectively, they are perfectly prepared to carry out surveillance and monitoring services throughout the island of Minorca without raising suspicions.

Detectives Garbo, will deliver a final report with all the information obtained by our detectives in Minorca that includes both photographic, videographic and/or sound material that can later be ratified in court.


Private detectives in Minorca for Companies

The need to have objective evidence through private detectives in Minorca is relevant for companies, because they know that by hiring the legal services of our private detective agency in the Balearic Islands they will be able to make decisions that could benefit their businesses.

If what you need is to demonstrate with objective facts a false dismissal , unfair competition , absenteeism , information leakage or any illegal practice by a worker, partner or competitor, do not hesitate to contact our private detective agency in the Balearic Islands and we will advise you.


Private investigators in Minorca for Lawyers

The reports of the private detectives in Minorca are an important piece for a lawyer, because they will be able to provide objective and truthful information that will support their cases.

Our private detectives in Menorca have legal authorization and are also trained to obtain evidence, locate witnesses or defaulters discreetly and legally, proving facts and acting as privileged witnesses in court.

The reports of our private detectives in Minorca have probative value and are ratified in trials .


Private detectives for Hotels in Minorca

The services of private detectives in Minorca are requested by hotels and restaurants to check that their investment is not diminished by fraudulent actions by their employees, partners or the competition through the figure of the mystery guest or mysterious client. In the same way, our private detectives in Minorca can collect conclusive evidence in the event of any type of theft or unknown loss that may occur within the facilities.

For this reason, the private detective in Menorca collects essential information to make decisions that can help to stay competitive in the market.


Hidden Cameras and Technology

Our private investigators in Minorca obtain information using different technological devices such as hidden cameras.

The use of this type of device within private investigation is considered a legitimate tool to later capture the evidence obtained in the final report.

Now, the installation of hidden cameras inside an establishment can only be carried out by a private detective , and only if it is not possible to prove the commission of an act in another way, that is, their installation must be justified and motivated and must not violate any fundamental right.


Non-Uniformed Surveillance in Minorca

Private investigators are the only ones who can carry out non-uniformed surveillance, as a prevention and action tool against possible illegal acts that could threaten the stability of any public or private event.

Therefore, if what you want is to guarantee good security without raising suspicions at an event, of any kind, our private detectives in Minorca will give attendees that extra security and peace of mind, focusing on prevention, detection and acting in consequence in the event of illegal or counterproductive acts in the face of the celebrations.


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