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Private investigators in Ibiza highly qualified

Detectives Garbo puts at your disposal a multidiciplinary team of private detectives in Ibiza qualified to carry out high-level invetigations on the island.

All our private investigators in the Balearic Islands are approved by the Ministry of the Interior and are committed to the profession of private investigation.

Our interventios as private detectives in Ibiza continue to grow thanks to the good work of our professional experts.

We are leaders in the use of new technologies and we are continuously training to provide a professional and qualified service.


Private investigators in Ibiza

Experts in private investigation

Our private investigators in Ibiza and Formentera have an important specific weight in the Balearic Islands. Not surprisingly, our services as private detectives in Ibiza have frequently appeared in the local press, as well as our collaboration with local law enforcement.

Since the opening of our agency in 2013, the trips of our private investigators to Ibiza an Formentera have been frequent, almost montly.

The specific characteristics of Ibiza make this destination special.

Everything is exaggerated in Ibiza: the parties, the clubs, the luxury, the night, the beaches…

And where everything is exaggerated, the need for information is also excessive. We frequently go to Ibiza carrying out services on disloyal workers, very often to locate the whereabouts of defaulters and of course, infidelities… The night of Ibiza can be very persuasive…

Do you need a private investigators in Ibiza?

Private Investigators in Ibiza

Our detectives in Ibiza use cutting-edge technology

At Detectives Garbo, we care about being up to date with new technologies to offer a profession and good quality service. In addition if we add the new technological advances to each of the skills of our private investigators in Ibiza, the chances of success increase exponentially.

Our private detectives in Ibiza are versatile and chameleon-like, so investigating in the Ibizian territory is not a problem for them, whatever the service, as long as it is within the law.

For greater convenience we have grouped our private detective services in Ibiza into six group:


Private Investigators in Ibiza for individuals

Our team of private detectives in Ibiza can help you put and end to various problems within your personal and private sphere, obtaining and providing objective information so that you can make decisions once you evaluate the evidence.

Our private investigators in Ibiza carry out monitoring and surveillance in order to obtain convincing and irrefutable evidence, and once the investigation service is finished, you will receive all the information obtained through a report with multimedia, video and/or sound support.

Finally, if you need our report to be ratified in court, you just have to tell us and we will assist you.

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Private Investigators in Ibiza for Companies

Many businessmen turn to our private detective agency in Ibiza, because they suspect some type of fraud by an employee, partner or competitor and they need to prove it with objective facts through our services to support their suspicions.

After our intervention, we proceed to gather all the information they need through a report, which includes video material, photographs and/or sound to the client, who will proceed to take the measures he deems appropriate.

In addition, our private detective in Ibiza can ratify the report if it is presented in court, since they are professionally qualified.

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Private investigators in Ibiza for Lawyers

Our private investigators in Ibiza work fluidly with law firms, where each one contributes their knowledge from their professional experience. Thus, our  detectives coordinate with the legal team to achieve the objetives set by the lawyers in favor of the client’s interests.

Our detective in Ibiza are trained to skillfully and legally obtain evidence, prove facts and act as qualified witnesses before judges and courts.

In addition to providing evidence to support your cases, we can locate witnesses.

As you can see, a detectives in Ibiza can be of great help.


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Private Investigators in Ibiza for Hotels and Events

More and more hospitality businessmen turn to our private investigators in Ibiza, because they suspect that a worker, partner or competitor company is acting fraudulently, harming them financially or discrediting their brand.

In the same way, the hotel sector has turned to our detective in Ibiza to verify that the hotels they have on the island meet the quality parameters etablished by the company, since private detectives are the only ones who can provide images without violating the Data Protection Act.

For this reason, we care about obtaining and providing all the necessary information to detect any event thet could harm hospitality companies an to take the measures they deem necessary.

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Hidden Cameras and Technology

Our detectives en Ibiza obtain information through different technological devices, moreover, the use of hidden camera within private investigations is considered a legitimate tool to prove the facts that will later be relfected in the report.

Hidden camera installations can be done for both companies and individuals. Although, the installation of a hidden camera must be carried out when it is not possible to realibly demostrate the commission of an act and it is installation must be justified and motivated.

So to install a hidden camera, our private investigators in Ibiza will evaluate the place and determine which is the most suitable location in the area to obtain the evidence without violating any fundamental right.

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Non-uniformed surveillance

In Ibiza, the hiring of our private investigators to carry out non-uniformed surveillance continues to increase, obviously this is due to the various public and private events that take place on the island of Ibiza an the large number of staff and guests who attend these celebrations or events.

Within this environmet, the figure of the private detectives in Ibiza is essential if what is intended is to detect suspicious people or those who act incorrectly during a celebration without raising suspicions, and most importantly, go unnoticed by mixing with people.

Undoubtedly, the work of the private investigators in Ibiza focuses on detecting possible risks, guaranteeing the safety of goods, people or acting in the event of some type of conflict within the facilities of an event.


Do you need a detective in Ibiza?

Private Investigators in Ibiza

Private detectives in Ibiza, 24 hour service

And indeed, if there is a place where the night does not end, that is Ibiza. Several of the world’s best-known nightclubs are located on this Balearic Island and many of them offer music and fun 24 hours a day for six months a year.

It may sound outrageously false, but… Weren’t we talking about exaggeration?

In these conditions, the work of the private investigators in Ibiza is much more demanding than usual. We assume that the work schedule is in the morning, family and rest hours in the evening, and fun on the weekends. But none of this case be taken for granted in Ibiza, and if a client wants a well-planned service with complete knowledge, he should go to a private detective agency where he will be advised in the best possible way. And that’s where Detectives Garbo comes in.



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