Infidelities: one of the passions of our private investigators

Does not matter. As much as time and again we say that it is not the most common task, as much as we try to point out our successes in the labor field or in business intelligence, as much as private detectives uncover countless cases that later appear in the media. or that our contributions in computer forensics are increasingly valued, they will always be there. There is no conversation between friends, family dinner, or informal meeting where, knowing that we are detectives, we are not asked about infidelities.

And indeed, yes, we are passionate about them. The daily routine of the private detective is far from those novels by Raymond Chandler , or the archetype drawn by Humphrey Bogart : No, we no longer receive a gloomy office with a flexo lamp on top of a dilapidated table, and a bottle of cheap whiskey to reach. And yet we are passionate about it. Because?


The answer to the question is closely linked to the stereotype in the previous paragraph. Although our profession now follows totally professionalized paths, between economic documentation analysis and modern technological means, investigations into infidelity create a bond with the client far beyond the professional relationship. When a client confides in us personal matters, secrets that he would not have told his closest friends, and the detective manages to show him what he could not see, that bond that is established is perhaps the professional moment that brings us closest to the romantic feeling of the profession. , to that Philip Marlowe that all detectives carry deep inside.

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Types of infidelities?

Beyond the romantic feeling and performing a somewhat more analytical analysis, not all infidelities are the same. In certain cases, it is about verifying daily routines in order to verify the veracity of what we believe our partner may have done. On other occasions we have suspicions of a specific and already established relationship, and sometimes, and especially in the case of men, it is about consumption of paid sex. It is easy to understand that the operation of each of these cases is very different from each other. Each case will always be unique, and for this reason, beyond the commercial interest, we recommend to our potential clients a personal appointment to find out the details of the future investigation, always under the strictest professional secrecy.

On different websites there are some more or less generic questions about conspicuous behavior and probable infidelity on the part of the couple, and that could indicate the advisability of hiring a private detective.

Change in aesthetic habits: tendency to dress better, gym, use of perfumes and greater general concern for image.
Movements in unjustifiable accounts.

Do you act defensive when asked what you’ve been up to all day?
Do you act lazy in a couple, and yet smile when you’re alone?

Do you sometimes act excessively affectionate out of the blue?

Each of these facts can be significant by themselves, but the fundamental thing is to have a global vision and the most objective possible of the relationship itself. Perhaps the existence of a parallel relationship is real, and then our client will have the opportunity to make the opportune decision about his future. Or perhaps it is the relationship itself that has fallen into routine and discouragement, and then the intervention of a detective, ruling out potential infidelities, will allow us to remedy a situation before it is too late.

Finally, dear reader, underline a reflection that may seem like a commercial argument, but it is a statement made by many clients upon receiving our report, whether we prove the alleged infidelities or show that the suspicions were unfounded: “It was the money best invested in my life: I needed to dispel my doubts and you have achieved it”.

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