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Grupo Garbo & Partners

Grupo Garbo & Partners arises as a result of the growth of the private investigation division Detectives Garbo.

The increasingly diverse range of clients and services made it necessary to establish a common business link, a point of convergence where all the group’s brands and services would coincide. And from this moment, it becomes the cornerstone of the business project that was born in the Balearic Islands and with the prospect of extending throughout the Spanish territory.

Do not hesitate and request information: In the Balearic Islands , Grupo Garbo & Partners is your benchmark security and private investigation consultancy.

DG Services

In 2021, at the proposal of some clients in the hotel and restaurant sector, we are committed to creating a division specializing in auxiliary services for companies.

Concierge, receptionists, access controllers, fair and event assistants, are part of the new portfolio of services that we will offer under the DG Services trademark and under the legal umbrella of Grupo Garbo & Partners.

A project, once again, that was born in the Balearic Islands and will soon be extended to the Canary Islands , and that represents a new example of the strength of our business group.


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