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Private detectives in Tenerife, serious and discreet professionals

Detectives Garbo put at your disposal a whole team of professional, serious and discreet private investigators in Tenerife. For this reason, many companies and individuals choose us as their trusted detective agency.

Our team of private detectives in Santa Cruz of Tenerife carries out a detailed study of all the issues in a personalized way so that no detail is missed.

Private investigators in Tenerife: versatile, bold and discreet detectives.

All kinds of companies and inidviduals request our detectives services, because they know that their case will be heard and they will be given real and concrete solutions.

The most requested private detectives services in Tenerife are related to fake casualties, unfair competition, behaivor verification, custody and modification of pensions.

However, our private investigators in Tenerife can carry out any private investigation service untrusted to them, as long as they are within the law.

Highly qualified private investigators in Tenerife

Detectives Garbo is made up of a multidisciplinary team of private investigators in Tenerife and ciminologists qualified to carry out high-level investigation in the  Canary Islands.

And most importantly, our detectives in Tenerife are approved by the Ministry of the Interior and are committed to the profession of private investigation.

Our interventions as private investigators in Tenerife continue to grow thanks to the good work of our professional expertes.

We are leaders in the use of new technologies and we are continually training to provide a professional and qualified service.

Private Investigators Services in Tenerife

Our professionals in private investigation have extensive experience in the sector and are capable of carrying out any type of service that is entrusted to them within the law, for this we have a protocol of action according to the case raised by our client.

Through our experience we have wanted to poing out the services that our clients demand the most.


Private detectives in Tenerife for Individuals

We obtain objective and truthful information to help you put an end to your problems within the private sphere.

Our private investigators in Tenerife carry out monitoring and surveillance to obtain conclusive evidence that will allow you to make decisions.

Our reports are ratified in court by our private detectives.

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Private Investigators in Tenerife for Companies

Many companies turn to our private detectives in Tenerife to prove some type of fraud by their workers or competitors.

At Detectives Garbo we take care of collecting all the necessar evidence so that companies can make decisions and deal with any threat.

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Private detectives in Tenerife for Lawyers

Our private investigators in Tenerife work side by side with law firms to obtain and provide the necessary evidence that will support their legal proceedings.

Our detectives in Tenerife jointly plan the strategy to carry out the investigations that need to be contributed.

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Private Investigators in Tenerife for Hotels and Events

More and more hospitality companies turn to our private invesigators in Tenerife to verify that their hotel chains or restaurants are complying with the established guidelines.

We provide all the necessary information to detect any fact that could harm hospitality companies and they can take the measures they deem necessary.

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Hidden Cameras and Technology

Our private investigators in Tenerife record the information with the help of different technological devices to achieve the objective that our client has entrusted to us.

The private detectives of our agency are versatile and bold when it comes to obtaining first-hand information, reaching the target without any problem.

And, how do we use technology? … +information


Non-Uniformed Security and Surveillance Advice

We offer advice on investigation and private security to all our clients who need to evaluate their business situation.

Our private investigators in Tenerife carry out non-uniformed investigation services in hotel, fairs, shopping centers, movin among people with ease and without raising suspicions to detect any incorrect action that could harm the client.

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Why should you hire our private investigators in Tenerife?

Our private detectives in Tenerife are  highly qualifield professionals, they know the geographical enviroment of the Canary Islands and most importantly, they have a high capacity for observation and adaptation to circumstances.

We obtain information and provide conclusive and legal evidence that will help you put an end to your problems.

We offer free and non-binding advice with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

In addition, we propose different courses of action to obtain the best results.


Queries by email are answered within a maximum period of 24 hours by the same means if you do not request otherwise.

An appointment is required for office care.

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Expose us your case and a private detective will advise you for free and no-obligation advive.

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